Lu Bu said, “I am but a simple officer in the palace of a minister
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Lu Bu said, “I am but a simple officer in the palace of a minister. You are an exalted officer of state. Why am I treated thus?” “Because in the whole land there is no hero your equal. Poor Wang Yun bows not to an officer’s rank; poor Wang Yun bows to his ability ” This gratified Lu Bu mightily, and his host continued to praise and flatter and ply him with wine and to talk of the virtues of the Prime Minister and his henchman. Lu Bu laughed and drank huge goblets. Presently most of the attendants were sent away, only a few kept to press the guest to drink. When the guest was very mellow, Wang Yun suddenly said, “Let her come in!” Soon appeared two attendants, dressed in white, leading between them the exquisite and fascinating Diao Chan. “Who is this?” said Lu Bu startled into sobriety.   “This is my little girl, Diao Chan. You will not be annoyed at my familiarity, will you? But you have been so very friendly, I thought you would like to see her.”   Wang Yun bade Diao Chan present a goblet of wine, and her eyes met those of the warrior….

then spoke the Governor of Henei, Wang Kuang, “We have been
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then spoke the Governor of Henei, Wang Kuang, “We have been moved by a noble sense of right to assemble here. Now must we first choose a chief and bind ourselves to obedience.” then said Cao Cao, “For four generations the highest offices of state have been filled by members of the Yuan family, and their clients and supporters are everywhere. As a descendant of ancient ministers of Han, Yuan Shao is a suitable man to be our chief lord.” Yuan Shao again and again declined this honor. But they all said, “It must be he! There is no other!” And then he aGREed. So the next day a three-story altar was built, and they planted about it the banners of all parties in five directions of space. And they set up white yaks’ tails and golden axes and emblems of military authority and the seals of leadership round about. All being ready, the chief lord was invited to ascend the altar. Clad in ceremonial robes and girded with a sword, Yuan Shao reverently ascended. There he burned incense, made obeisance and recited the oath:   “the House of Han has fallen upon evil days, the bands of imperial authority are…

He Jin was panic stricken and looked about for a way to escape
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He Jin was panic stricken and looked about for a way to escape, but all gates had been shut. the eunuchs closed him in, and then the assassins appeared and cut He Jin into halves. [hip, hip, hip] Closing the days of the Hans, and the years of their rule were near spent, Stupid and tactless was He Jin, yet stood he highest in office, Many were they who advised him, but he was deaf as he heard not, Wherefore fell he a victim under the swords of the eunuchs. [yip, yip, yip] So He Jin died. Yuan Shao and Cao Cao waited long. By and by, impatient at the delay, they called through the gate, “Thy carriage awaits, O General!” For reply the head of He Jin was flung over the wall. A decree was proclaimed: “He Jin has contemplated treachery and therefore has been slain! It pardons his adherents.” Yuan Shao shouted, “the eunuchs have slain the High Minister. Let those who will slay this wicked party come and help me!” then one of He Jin’s generals, Wu Kuang, set fire to the gate. Yuan Shu at the head of his guards burst in and fell to slaying…

Zhu Jun saw that the advice
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Zhu Jun saw that the advice was good and followed it. As predicted the rebels ran out, led by Han Zhong. The besiegers fell upon them as they fled, and Han Zhong was slain. The rebels scattered in all directions. But the other two rebel chieftains, Zhao Hong and Sun Zhong, came with large reinforcements, and as they appeared very strong, the imperial soldiers retired, and the new body of rebels reentered Wancheng. Zhu Jun encamped three miles from the city and prepared to attack. Just then there arrived a body of horse and foot from the east. At the lead was one general with a broad open face, a body as an alert tiger’s, and a torso as a lofty bear’s. His name was Sun Jian. He was a native of Fuchun in the old state of Wu, a descendant of the famous Sun Zi the Strategist*. When he was seventeen, Sun Jian was with his father on the River Qiantang and saw a party of pirates, who had been plundering a merchant, dividing their booty on the river bank. “We can capture these!” said he to his father. So, gripping his sword, he ran boldly up the bank…

Zhang Ba uses magic,
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“Zhang Ba uses magic,” said Zhu Jun. “Tomorrow, then, will I prepare counter magic in the shape of the blood of slaughtered swine and goats. This blood shall be sprinkled upon their hosts from the precipices above by soldiers in ambush. Thus shall we be able to break the power of their shamanic art.” So it was done. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei took each a thousand troops and hid them on the high cliffs behind the hills, and they had a plentiful supply of the blood of swine and goats and all manners of filthy things. And so next day, when the rebels with fluttering banners and rolling drums came out to challenge, Liu Bei rode forth to meet them. At the same moment that the armies met, again Zhang Ba began his magic and again the elements began to struggle together. Sand flew in clouds, pebbles were swept along the ground, black masses of vapor filled the sky, and rolling masses of foot and horse descended from on high. Liu Bei turned, as before, to flee and the rebels rushed on. But as they pressed through the hills, the trumpets blared, and the hidden soldiers exploded bombs, threw…

So Liu Bei set off and marched
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So Liu Bei set off and marched as quickly as possible to Yingchuan. At that time the imperial troops were attacking with success, and the rebels had retired upon Changshe. They had encamped among the thick grass. Seeing this, Huangfu Song said to Zhu Jun, “the rebels are camping in the field. We can attack them by fire.” So the Imperial Commanders bade every man cut a bundle of dry grass and laid an ambush. That night the wind blew a gale, and at the second watch they started a blaze. At the same time Huangfu Song and Zhu Jun’s troops attacked the rebels and set their camp on fire. The flames rose to the very heaven. The rebels were thrown into GREat confusion. There was no time to saddle horses or don armor: They fled in all directions. the battle continued until dawn. Zhang Lian and Zhang Ba, with a group of flying rebels, found a way of escape. But suddenly a troop of soldiers with crimson banners appeared to oppose them. Their leader was a man of medium stature with small eyes and a long beard. He was Cao Cao, a Beijuo man, holding the rank of Cavalry…

All three being of one mind, next day
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All three being of one mind, next day “I am Guan Yu,” replied he. “I am a native of the east side of the river, but I have been a fugitive on the waters for some five years, because I slew a ruffian who, since he was wealthy and powerful, was a bully. I have come to join the army here.” then Liu Bei told Guan Yu his own intentions, and all three went away to Zhang Fei’s farm where they could talk over the grand project. Said Zhang Fei, “the peach trees in the orchard behind the house are just in full flower. Tomorrow we will institute a sacrifice there and solemnly declare our intention before Heaven and Earth, and we three will swear brotherhood and unity of aims and sentiments: Thus will we enter upon our GREat task.” Both Liu Bei and Guan Yu gladly aGREed. All three being of one mind, next day they prepared the sacrifices, a black ox, a white horse, and wine for libation. Beneath the smoke of the incense burning on the altar, they bowed their heads and recited this oath: “We three——Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei——though of different families, swear…

Liu Bei was twenty-eight when the outbreak
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Liu Bei was twenty-eight when the outbreak As a child, Liu Bei played with the other village children beneath this tree, and he would climb up into it, saying, “I am the Son of Heaven, and this is my chariot!” His uncle, Liu Yuanqi, recognized that Liu Bei was no ordinary boy and saw to it that the family did not come to actual want. When Liu Bei was fifteen, his mother sent him traveling for his education. For a time he served Zheng Xuan and Lu Zhi as masters. And he became GREat friends with Gongsun Zan. Liu Bei was twenty-eight when the outbreak of the Yellow Scarves called for soldiers. The sight of the notice saddened him, and he sighed as he read it. Suddenly a rasping voice behind him cried, “Sir, why sigh if you do nothing to help your country?” Turning quickly he saw standing there a man about his own height, with a bullet head like a leopard’s, large eyes, a swallow pointed chin, and whiskers like a tiger’s. He spoke in a loud bass voice and looked as irresistible as a dashing horse. At once Liu Bei saw he was no ordinary man and…

What can my poor
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Han Yu A POEM ON THE STONE DRUMS Chang handed me this tracing, from the stone drums, Beseeching me to write a poem on the stone drums. Du Fu has gone. Li Bai is dead. What can my poor talent do for the stone drums? …When the Zhou power waned and China was bubbling, Emperor Xuan, up in wrath, waved his holy spear: And opened his Great Audience, receiving all the tributes Of kings and lords who came to him with a tune of clanging weapons. They held a hunt in Qiyang and proved their marksmanship: Fallen birds and animals were strewn three thousand miles. And the exploit was recorded, to inform new generations…. Cut out of jutting cliffs, these drums made of stone- On which poets and artisans, all of the first order, Had indited and chiselled-were set in the deep mountains To be washed by rain, baked by sun, burned by wildfire, Eyed by evil spirits; and protected by the gods. …Where can he have found the tracing on this paper? — True to the original, not altered by a hair, The meaning deep, the phrases cryptic, difficult to read. And the style of the characters neither square…

The five Holy Mountains have the rank of the Three Dukes
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Han Yu STOPPING AT A TEMPLE ON HENG MOUNTAIN I INSCRIBE THIS POEM IN THE GATE-TOWER The five Holy Mountains have the rank of the Three Dukes. The other four make a ring, with the Song Mountain midmost. To this one, in the fire-ruled south, where evil signs are rife, Heaven gave divine power, ordaining it a peer. All the clouds and hazes are hidden in its girdle; And its forehead is beholden only by a few. …I came here in autumn, during the rainy season, When the sky was overcast and the clear wind gone. I quieted my mind and prayed, hoping for an answer; For assuredly righteous thinking reaches to high heaven. And soon all the mountain-peaks were showing me their faces; I looked up at a pinnacle that held the clean blue sky: The wide Purple-Canopy joined the Celestial Column; The Stone Granary leapt, while the Fire God stood still. Moved by this token, I dismounted to offer thanks. A long path of pine and cypress led to the temple. Its white walls and purple pillars shone, and the vivid colour Of gods and devils filled the place with patterns of red and blue. I climbed the…